Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Extra note - Jan. 26, 2010

About the source reported in AGILE's ATel#2403

In ATel #2403 a possible AGILE detection of a new gamma-ray source (AGL J2206+6203) is announced. For the sky position and time interval reported in this ATel preliminary checks and analysis find no detection above 100 MeV by Fermi LAT. No hint of a signal in the 0.1-1 GeV energy band is found (TS=0), as well as no photon-count excess visible in the counts map region around the specified coordinates. Further analysis is ongoing.

For questions and comments you can contact the Flare Advocate on shift (S. Ciprini (stefano.ciprini[at]pg.infn.it) ), and both E. Hays (elizabeth.a.hays[at]nasa.gov) and A. Hill (Adam.Hill[at]obs.ujf-grenoble.fr).

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