Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fermi-LAT weekly report no. 46

Covered period 2009/4/13 - 2009/4/19


  • PKS 1222+216 detected at 10*average flux. ATEL 2021 issued.
  • PKS 1510-089 and PKS 1502+106 still bright and active during this week, oscillating around ~1e-6 ph cm^2s
  • PKS 0727-115 decreasing flux from last week.
  • BlLac detected at 0.65 e-6 ph cm^2s on dailiy scale
  • S5 0716_714 at 0.4 e-6 ph cm^2s on daily scale.

Other sources of interest

  • 3C 66AB still increasing trend reaching a value of 0.4 e-6 ph cm^2s.
  • 3C273 at 0.9 ph cm^2s.

Note. All the average weekly flux reported above should be considered preliminary and cannot be used for publication, however they are indicative of the current status of a source.

For questions and comments please contact Francesco Longo ( for generic information, for PKS 1222+216 the Fermi LAT contact person is G.Iafrate (

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