Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fermi LAT Weekly report N. 292

Covered period: 2014 January 6-12
LAT Mission week: 292.57 - 293.57

  • 4C +21.35 (PG 1222+216)  showed a short flare on January 7 with a daily flux of about 1.6E-6.
  • PKS 1424-41 and PKS 2326-502 both bright and detected in most of the days of the week, the former peaking at about 1.2E-6 on January 8 and the latter at 1E-6 on January 7 and 9.
  • Flare of 4C +01.02 (OC 12, PKS 0106+01) on January 10 with a daily flux of about 1E-6.
  • 4C +38.41 (B2 1633+38) was in high state on January 7 with a daily flux about 1E-6 and 3C 454.3 on January 12 with a daily flux 1.2E-6.
  • Further bright blazars detected in some days of the week with a daily flux in the range 0.6-0.8E-6:  NGC 1275 (Per A), S5 1044+71, 3C 279, PKS 1510-08, PKS 0250-225.
  • Other blazars detected sporadicly during the week and with a daily flux equal or lower than about 0.5E-6: PMN J1626-2426, Mkn 421, Mkn 501, B2 1520+31, PKS 0301-243, NRAO 530 (PKS 1730-13), PKS 0426-380, PKS 0208-512, PKS 1622-29
  • GRBs detected by the LAT during the week: GRB 140110A.
  • X1.2 solar flare detected by the LAT on January 7.

Fluxes are in the unit of photons/cm^2/s above 100 MeV. All uncertainties are statistical only.
Note. All the flux reported above are by the ASP analysis and should be considered preliminary and should not be used for publication, however they are indicative of the flux range and the current status of a source. Source association is done on the basis of source location, considering spatial coincidence only, and it is not indicative of an identification.
- Please acknowledge the LAT team if you use information from this report.
For questions and comments please contact:
- S. Ciprini (stefano.ciprini[at] for generic information related to this week
- Contact persons on this page for individual sources cited above.

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